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A/V CONVERTER : Delock Converter CVBS / YPbPr / VGA to HDMI with Scaler [63963]
The Delock A/V converter converts an analogue video and audio signal to a digital HDMI signal. Thereby e.g. a VCR or game console can be connected to an HDMI monitor or Full HD TV. The inputs can be scaled via the integrated video processor to an HDMI output signal of 720p or 1080p with 50 or 60 Hz.
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USB VIDEO GRABBER : Ewent Video Grabber [EW3706]
Convert your video tapes easily to DVD with the EW3706 Ewent Video Grabber. Connect your video recorder or video camera to the Ewent Video Grabber to save videos on your computer. The Ewent Video Grabber comes with ArcSoft TotalMedia software. The Ewent EW3706 has a SVHS and Cinch cable attached, so you can directly connect your old equipment and start capturing video.
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